A Good Cup of Coffee

Over the last two weeks we have had about 200 mm of rain. It can stop now! Fortunately, much of the rain has been in short intensive bursts, with many fine days between. The countryside is now green and lush.

Earlier this week, we drove down the Whanganui Inlet. The road begins at Pakawau, just a few km from Twin Waters, and winds down past the Inlet (New Zealand’s second largest inlet, and a marine reserve), and thence to the West Coast. On the way, we stopped at The Nugget, a delightful little cafe on a hill beside the road at Maungarakau. It is open only at weekends during the summer. It is so nice to come across such a facility and have a good cup of coffee, literally in the middle of nowhere. Further down the road, and beyond a closed gate to keep sheep in, we came to the Anatori River, which we forded and then drove on to the end of the road at the next river. From the road we had views of the wild West Coast, and of Kahurangi Point with its lighthouse. It is possible to walk down the beach to Kahurangi Point – something for another day.

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