A rare sighting…

The banded rails are still around.  The small population of banded rails in “our” inlet is the only occurrence of these birds known in the South Island of New Zealand.  They are a fugitive species, living amongst the reeds and on the mudflats.  They are rarely seen – we see them maybe once or twice a year.  Last week as we were driving home from Collingwood, one ran across the road just in front of us.  Fortunately we were not driving very fast, so we got a good look and the bird was safe. The photograph was taken this morning from our dining room deck, to show the area of the Waikato Inlet where these birds live.

The weather at Twin Waters continues to be very pleasant – it is 19C outside just now, with scattered clouds. We have some very nice wwoofers staying with us this week, helping get the Lodge ready for the busy Christmas season. We at Twin Waters Lodge would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas, wherever you may be.


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