New Summer Season 2018-9

Nov 2, 2018

We are now into the new summer season. We heard today that NIWA, our government weather agency, is predicting a warm dry summer, so fingers crossed for some great summer holidays here in Golden Bay! Access over the Takaka Hill The weather has dominated our lives over the past months. March saw cyclone Gita hit…

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Rescue Helicopter

Jun 10, 2017

Although Twin Waters is in a relatively remote location – part of its appeal to many – we are well served by emergency services. We recently had an example of this when a neighbour had a medical emergency: following the phone call to 111, the first responder service (part of the Collingwood Fire Brigade) was…

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New look for 2016-7 season

Jul 1, 2016

During the winter closed season, Twin Waters Lodge is undergoing a bit of a makeover.  This is reflected here on our web site – thanks to Anita at i4Design.  It will also be reflected in our rooms, with a refresh of paintwork and some new decorative elements.  We have also changed the layout of furniture…

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Night Sky

Dec 21, 2015

The night sky at Twin Waters can be very spectacular. This is because there is very little artificial light in the area. The sky is of particular interest to visitors from the Northern Hemisphere as they can see the Southern Cross (Crux), which is not visible from their part of the world. The following photograph as taken by…

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Opening for spring 2015 – fresh produce

Oct 11, 2015

Twin Waters Lodge will re-open on October 23 (the Friday of Labour weekend) for the 2015-2016 season. Our emphasis on fresh, health produce will be enhanced now, from two new innovations. “Fred” is our new hothouse, installed last summer and now getting ready to produce early tomatoes and peppers. We have also upgraded the outdoor…

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The Weather

Feb 1, 2015

Today (February 1) it is raining. This is good because we had no significant rain for all of January and it has been hot, sunny and very dry. The front today has cooled things down and returned some much needed moisture to the soil and vegetation. It has also put some water back in our water storage tanks.

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Open for 2014-2015, meet Jethro

Oct 28, 2014

Twin Waters Lodge has now opened for the 2014-2015 season.  We also announce our newest addition to the Twin Waters family: Jethro (on the left) is a boxer puppy, currently 7 months old, a younger “brother” for Flynn.  The two dogs love to play together, and love to meet new friends. Although only 7 months,…

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Fresh vegetables

Feb 14, 2014

At Twin Waters Lodge, we try to use only the freshest and best ingredients for our breakfasts.  This means buying local, wherever possible, and especially growing our own vegetables during the summer.  Here is a photo I took just last week of some of our “Sweet 100” tomatoes ripening on the vine in our garden. …

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The frog returns

Dec 7, 2013

This week we saw the return of our frog.  Those of you who have stayed with us in summer may remember our frog.  He (she?) hibernates each year and normally comes out of hibernation in November.  This year’s emergence was late and we wondered if we had lost him.  Our frog, who we named “Monsieur…

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