Open for Guests

Oct 29, 2012

Twin Waters Lodge is now open for guests. Today, it looks as if spring is really here and summer not far away – the sky is blue and it is warming up. With the help of two French Wwoofers, a major clean-up and preparation was done to get everything in shape for the new season.…

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Spring Equinox

Sep 22, 2012

Today is the spring equinox. That means the days are drawing out and summer is coming. We are preparing Twin Waters Lodge for re-opening in late October. The kowhais are in flower and the Tuis and bellbirds are having a great time. A particularly brightly coloured bellbird was on one of the Kowhais in the…

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The Story of Kahu

Jun 12, 2012

It is now mid winter. The days are short and cold but often beautifully fine and clear. Here is a story of a recent event at Twin Waters. The story of Kahu Land-based raptors are not widely represented in New Zealand, with the relatively common Australasian harrier hawk (Circus approximans; Kahu in Maori) being more…

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Closed for Winter

Apr 25, 2012

The season is over and Twin Waters Lodge is closed for winter. We expect to re-open in October 2012, but an exact date has not been decided, and it may depend on demand. We had a late “Indian” summer, that is still going on as I write. Last week I went down to the Anatori…

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A Great Summer

Feb 13, 2012

We are having a great summer and the Bay is pretty much back to normal, except that road access to Totaranui and Awaroa is not yet restored. The slips and washouts on that road are going to need major engineering works to rebuild, and we do not expect road access until next summer. Meantime, there…

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Dec 18, 2011

Over the last week Golden Bay has been subjected to the worst floods in 150 years – this on top of the December 28 floods last year. This time the Western part of the Bay was not badly affected, with the Aorere River peaking at a level considerably lower, and the river not changing its…

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Open for the New Season

Oct 21, 2011

Today we open for the new season. We have recently returned from our own holiday – in the Cook Islands, where we experienced some great hospitality and got some new ideas to offer at Twin Waters Lodge. This season will be our first offering a self-catering option for guests. This is a budget alternative where…

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Winter has Struck!

Jul 26, 2011

Yesterday winter truly struck. We awoke to a dusting of snow on the hills just across the estuary. Puddles were frozen over and there was a layer of frost in most lower places. Today it is frosty, but with brilliant sunshine and bracing air. This has made us start thinking about summer – and the…

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Aorere Bridge and the Floods

Mar 9, 2011

Last weekend as I was cycling in to Collingwood, I startled a bird feeding in the drain near the Aorere bridge. I was unable to identify it, other than as a heron with a short neck – some kind of night-heron. I am now reasonably sure, after considerable research, that what I saw was the…

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