Christmas best wishes…

… to all from us at Twin Waters Lodge.

As the end of year approaches, we move into summer holiday mode.  The Pohutakawa is New Zealand’s native Christmas tree, traditionally coming into flower about now, and there are quite a few of them around, but I prefer the southern rata, which flowers a bit earlier.  The photo above was taken early this morning from the kitchen window, and shows the early morning sun lighting up the hillside that we look out at from the kitchen and dining room of Twin Waters Lodge.  The red trees are all southern ratas, in full bloom.  This tree was driven nearly to extinction by the opossum, an introduced species, and it is only due to the efforts of “project crimson”, a sustained effort to eradicate possums in Golden Bay and in Kahurangi National Park, that the rata have come back to their former glory.  I will put the full photo on our Facebook page, for any who want to see it.

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