Closed for winter – re-open mid October

Twin Waters Lodge is closed for winter.  Like many businesses in Golden Bay associated with tourism, we close during the winter months.  Winter is not a good time for visiting Golden Bay – the days are cooler and shorter, and it is when we have more wet weather. During the next 2 months we will be doing our own tourism, on safari in Kenya and South Africa.  For that reason, we may not be able to reply immediately to email enquiries or booking requests from this web site.  We apologise for any delays and will be checking every time we have access to emails. Meantime, the Lodge will be in the hands of our house (and dog)-sitters, Peter and Janne.

Although winter is our cold season, it is not excessively so compared to many climates, with frosts being limited to a handful of days each year and snow on the ground unknown.  The photo above shows some snow on the Burnett Range, just across the inlet from Twin Waters Lodge, taken from the deck at the Lodge.  This light dusting of snow, seen almost exactly two years ago (25 July 2011), was the first in the memory of the locals.

We are now looking forward to some nice spring weather on our return in October, when the Lodge will re-open.

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