Closed for Winter

The season is over and Twin Waters Lodge is closed for winter. We expect to re-open in October 2012, but an exact date has not been decided, and it may depend on demand. We had a late “Indian” summer, that is still going on as I write. Last week I went down to the Anatori River for a couple of days. The scenery there is truly spectacular, and it is well worth guests taking an extra day, if they can, to explore the Whanganui Inlet and beyond – Maungarakau, Patarau and the Anatori. Those with a 4-wheel drive can ford the Anatori river and continue on the road, which goes to the Turimawiwi river, from which it is possible to walk to the lighthouse on Kahurangi Point. One of the pleasures in summer is to visit the little “Nugget” cafe at Maungarakau. They serve good food and good coffee, but they are usually open only at weekends during summer months.

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