Farewell Spit

Farewell Spit is a sand spit more than 20 km long and is the main tourist attraction of the area. All but the 3km at the base of the Spit is a Department of Conservation Protected Area and only accessible to the public through licensed operators (Farewell Spit Eco Tours). A trip on the Spit will reveal a wide range of bird life, giant sand dunes, and the tiny settlement that housed the lighthouse keepers until the installation of an automatic light. Farewell Spit is famed for its birds, particularly migratory species best seen between October and March. The Farewell Spit Café, at the base of the Spit, offers views over the Spit. It is permitted to walk on the first 3 km of the Spit, and a nice walk is to walk out on one side and return on the other.

The Spit is the second longest sand spit in the world, at around 23 km and growing. Most of the Spit is a bird sanctuary, and access is available only through the local tourist operator www.farewellspit.com. The Spit tour buses pass by the end of Totara Avenue, and we can arrange pick-up there, saving you having to drive into Collingwood and leave your car there. We are agents for Farewell Spit Eco Tours. Tours typically take between 5 and 6 hours, and are timed to take advantage of low tides. Tour times are posted in reception.

Pillar Point is a 30 minute walk / climb from the road, and provides a panoramic view of Farewell Spit from the base of the lighthouse.