The frog returns

This week we saw the return of our frog.  Those of you who have stayed with us in summer may remember our frog.  He (she?) hibernates each year and normally comes out of hibernation in November.  This year’s emergence was late and we wondered if we had lost him.  Our frog, who we named “Monsieur Croque” – a twist on “croque monsieur” – the French version of cheese on toast, has been with us for about five years now.  I originally found him when I was mowing the lawn, down by the sign, where Totara Avenue joins the main road.  I saw a small green frog in the grass making his way quite determinedly onto the main road.  I estimated that his chances of getting across the road were minimal, and even if he did, it was dry on the other side, so no suitable destination for a frog.  I brought him back and introduced him to our goldfish pool next to the dining room, and he has been there ever since, disappearing in March / April and reappearing in late spring.

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