Meet Flynn

Late last year we acquired a new family member.  Flynn is a boxer puppy, now about 15 months old.  Flynn is everyone’s best friend – or that’s what he thinks!


For people who like dogs, he is a lot of fun and good entertainment.  For people who don’t like dogs or may have allergies – he is not allowed in the guest areas of the Lodge and has no contact with the guest rooms or guest lounge.  He generally inhabits the back yard (fenced) or our home, which is part of the Lodge.  For the record, he is not allowed in the kitchen and is banished from shared areas during meals.

Many of our guests during the summer have enjoyed interacting with Flynn and his antics have been entertaining – he is a natural clown.  Look for a photo album on our Facebook page soon!

Meantime, here is a picture of Flynn interacting with his namesake, a photographer from Canada who visited late last year.

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