Open for the New Season

Today we open for the new season. We have recently returned from our own holiday – in the Cook Islands, where we experienced some great hospitality and got some new ideas to offer at Twin Waters Lodge. This season will be our first offering a self-catering option for guests. This is a budget alternative where guests can get their own breakfast, and use the small kitchen off the guest lounge to prepare meals – see my previous post for more details. Of course we still offer our full service package for those that want it.

Our news has been dominated by two things – the Rugby World Cup and the ship that has run aground at Tauranga. The latter has caused significant ecological damage on the Bay of Plenty coasline, but to put it in proportion, the spill is very small compared with past marine disasters throughout the world, and good progress is being made pumping the remaining fuel out of the ship. Happily, Golden Bay is far away from this event and will not be affected by the current spill or any further spillage.

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