Rescue Helicopter

Although Twin Waters is in a relatively remote location – part of its appeal to many – we are well served by emergency services. We recently had an example of this when a neighbour had a medical emergency: following the phone call to 111, the first responder service (part of the Collingwood Fire Brigade) was there in about 10 minutes, and the rescue helicopter was there in less than 30 minutes, and had the patient and an accompanying person back to Nelson base hospital in a flight of about 20 minutes – probably better times than would be possible for land-based ambulances in many large cities.

It turned our that this was the second call the helicopter had to Golden Bay that day.

The Rescue Helicopter service is an important part of our health and safety in Golden Bay. It is supported by the community and operates as a Charitable Trust. We are pleased to advise that Twin Waters Lodge has become a Corporate Sponsor of the Nelson-Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust. These people do a fantastic job and we are pleased to support them.