Open for the 2022-2023 season

Twin Waters Lodge will be re-opening this weekend (October 22) for the 2022-3 season. This will be our first opening since the New Zealand borders re-opened to overseas visitors following the covid 19 pandemic.

Since 2019, we have introduced a number of changes, partly in response to the pandemic, and partly to improve guest experience, following feedback from previous guests.

You will still experience the same luxurious rooms as before, and we have been busy deep cleaning and tidying ready for our new guests.

The biggest difference is in the shared guest facilities and their use. The guest lounge is now a combined lounge and dining area, and guests can get their own breakfast at their convenience, using an enhanced guest kitchen area. This means you are not tied to any specific time for breakfast, and you can have your breakfast either in the indoor dining area, or outdoors using the new outdoor table and stools, on the deck (depending on the weather!). You can also prepare your own lunch or dinner using the kitchen, but will need to supply your own ingredients for this.

For those of you familiar with Twin Waters Lodge, we have to report the loss of Flynn, our older Boxer, who liked to greet all guests. He died a few weeks ago from a wasting disease, probably cancer. He had a long and happy life. Jethro is still with us, but he is shy when first meeting people, so you may not get to meet him.